2018 Street styles trending

Street styling is nothing if not casual, stylish and comfortable. It has always existed but has become a phenomenon of the 21st century, characterizing the interconnection between street style and fashion industry. Street styles are achieving their position in India mainly among college students for their daily needs. Staying cute without melting in summer is easier than you think. Rompers and jumpsuits are another way to slip into summers like that.


Shirt and skirt

For a casual look one can go with a simple formal shirt with a button up short skirt. Shirt and short skirt are quite usual and almost have that casual feels. But by adding a cross body bag and a pair of sneakers, you can become the scene changer.


Dresses and palazzo Trendy

It’s hard to look cool and hot at the same time, right? Palazzo pants are very comfortable and easy to wear. These pants team up perfectly with just about anything. A crop top is always the best option. You can also pair it up with Off-the-shoulder top or casual white or black tank tops. Accessorize your outfit with some cool bib necklace and a pair of comfy heels.


School girl style Preppy

The preppy street style is the theme of school uniform and wild colors. The easiest way to nail the “Preppy look” is to wear a collared shirt under a tee pairing up with Mary Jane heels.

Preppy Taylor Swift

Blazers are a great addition to any preppy outfit. It’s something Taylor Swift would wear, the queen of preppy ensembles.

Shirt and pleated skirt

You can also try mix and match street patterns, wear some trendy shirt with pleated skirt and sneakers.


Dress Sophisticated

Sophisticated street looks come when you are classy and elegant and look educated. It should not look like you’re trying way too hard. Sophisticated is not trashy, it is a simple elegance and looks beautiful with confidence and self-assurance. For this look go for a midi knee length dress and a nice pair of heels and you may accessorize your look by adding a hat or a belt or a nice necklace or a bracelet and always carry a bag and be confident.

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