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7 Types of Dungarees Every Women Will Love to Wear

Dungaree, also known as overalls or bib and brace overalls is a type of garment which was originally invented as protective clothing for working. These were initially invented in the 1890s by workers, but now dungarees are highly in trends for man and women. Mostly teen girls and women in their 20s-30s love to wear overalls, but elder women have also been seen wearing overalls and flaunting their outfits. So here I am to help you with the 7 types of overalls or dungaree you would love to wear according to your likings and dislikings.

  • Boyfriend Denim Dungarees

casual blue denim dungaree

Boyfriend jeans name came from loose kinda jeans which were modified from boys or men’s garment which are more unisex or looser in appearance though these are still designed in women’s form. These jeans expanded and now many clothes are available in unisex and loose stuff, one of these is dungarees or overalls. These loose Boyfriend jeans dungarees are very comfortable and relaxed look. These are perfect for vacation, weekend and regular wear purposes.

  • Capri Dungarees

Blue denim Capri dungarees

Capri Dungarees are short in length usually knee length. These Capri styled dungarees are perfect for summers. These are stretchy and super comfortable and you can pair it up with a nice top according to the occasion and you are good to go. You can wear these type of dungarees for a regular purpose, or to college or can wear it for vacation, you just need the right pair of dungarees and a comfortable and beautiful top.

  • Dungarees Long Skirt Dress

Blue Denim Long dress dungarees

Dungarees Long Skirt Dress is a simple look that gives you sophistication as well as matured look. These long skirt dungarees are really really comfortable and perfect for those who do not want to show skin. This look is perfect for summers as well as winters. You can wear it for a girls day out, or when you don’t wanna look all dressed up. You can carry this look for college purposes. These dungarees are a big thumbs up.

  • Dungarees Short Skirt Dress

Short denim dungaree dress or skater dress

Dungarees short skirt dress is a kind of pinafore dress, perfect for summers you just need a right top or tunic for the occasion and you are ready to flaunt. You can wear it with a designer top or tank top and a pair of heels or pumps for any occasion or party with your girls, or a club or you can wear it with a tee and a pair of sneaker and make you look casual. You can wear these dungarees with layering and even with stockings.

  • Dungarees Shorts

Denim shorts dungaree

Dungaree Shorts are very common in teen girls and girls prefer dungaree shorts for regular as well as party purpose. These are perfect for summers and girls can pair it up with tees for casual look and college look. You can pair it up with a crop top or tank top and look gorgeous. These shorts dungarees are highly for those who don’t have any problem with showing some skin. Probably a nice pair of dungarees shorts is a staple for your wardrobe.

  • Skinny Dungarees

Denim skinny dungarees

Skinny Dungarees are good for summers as well as winters for women. This is a staple for your wardrobe and you should definitely own it. This dungaree can give you classic look, a chic look, an office work look or a regular look, depends on the top you pair it with and the footwear. Mostly recommended for the office look, you can pair a blue or black dungaree with a formal shirt and black stilettos or formal shoes and you’ll look office ready and confident to work.

  • Palazzo-styled Dungarees(Culottes-styled)

Palazzo styled overalls and dungarees           Culottes styled dungarees and overalls outf

Palazzo Dungarees are trending like fire, these are perfect for summers as well as are perfect for women. These can be worn for a trip or vacation or for party and occasions. These are also perfect for a family reunion kinda thing. Palazzo styled dungarees and culottes styled dungarees are really a nice pair which you would love to flaunt. Trust me! You can pair these up with a lace top or sequin top or shimmery top for a function and a good pair of heels and you are party ready.


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