Haute hats trending

Haute Hats and Caps trending

Hats are headgears worn by all, youngsters, old, kids, and by all gender to protect their head from the sun or worn as fashion accessories. Different hats have different functions like royal families wear hats as a signature look, policemen and other serviceman wear hats to denote nationality or rank or regiment, construction workers wear hats for safety purpose, and some hats have a religious purpose like the ones worn by bishops or turbans worn by Sikhs. But now in the 21st-century, Hats and Caps are worn as a sign of fashion and trends. I would call myself a hat person, I love hats especially the Panama ones, the straw hat. Here are 4 latest hats and caps trending and you must have in your closet.

  • Sombrero Hats

Red sombrero hats

Black sombrero hat for summer



Sombrero is a Spanish word which means shadower, refers to a type of wide brim hat from Mexico used as a shield from the sun. It has a high crown, wide brim (sometimes extra wide enough to protect face, neck, shoulders from the weather) and chin string to hold it in place. Now, these hats have been enhanced and made more stylish like chin strings have been removed, hats are highly embroidered and plush felt has been added. These hats are perfect for a sunny day or a beach day when you want to go out during summers.

  • Panama Hats

Straw hat with embroidery for summer

Panama straw hat

Panama hat also known as toquilla hat is a straw hat of Ecuadorian origin. The name Panama implies the hats come from Panama, which is a myth, the fact is the Ecuadorian rarely received any credit for the invention. These hats are light-colored, lightweight, breathable and worn as accessories during summers. The tightness and the finesse of the weave show practice and skills of the hatters. These hats are very trendy and look absolutely beautiful. You can wear these hats all the time, to work or for swimming or for a day out. Because its main purpose is to protect your head from sun heat. So you can wear it with anything in your wardrobe.

  • Baseball cap

Black Nike baseball cap

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are a type of soft caps with a rounded crown and a stiff peak at the front. Everybody knows what a baseball cap is, Right? A baseball cap is a part of the traditional baseball uniform with the front section usually having the name of the company and the back of the cap designed to fit the size of the head of the wearer with a velcro or elastic. Nowadays, you might have seen many people wearing these caps as a fashion accessory as well as to protect their head from sun heat. You can simply wear it with any outfit with your hair down and you are good to go.

  • Fedora Hat

Red Fedora hats

Anne Hathaway Black fedora hat

Fedora is the hat with a soft brim, indented crown and finished with a trim-ribbon. Earlier these hats were worn formally in suits by men, but then these hats were worn informally in jeans and leather jackets and finally, in 21st-century these hats were popular among women too. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing fedora hats. In the above pic, Anne Hathaway is wearing a beautiful black fedora hat with a black leather jacket and applied smokey eye makeup giving the cool effect. So, these hats are the latest 4 hats and caps trending in 21st-century for every women’s closet.

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