Heels every women should own

Heels every Woman should Own

High heels are best friends of girls and women nowadays. These help women t look taller, slimmer and make us more confident. High heels were initially originated for men, but it has not been popular among them since the late 18th century. Heels have the power to bring up an entire look on its own, you just need to put on the right heel and you are good to go. There are many different types of heels available in stores which may confuse you, what to buy? And is that the one for you. So, here I am to help you find the best 8 heels that should be owned by every woman.


Stiletto heeled baked pink suede pumpsstiletto heeled Pink and black pump

Pumps are essentials to every woman’s closet, make sure to invest in a pair of good quality pumps so that it can be worn a couple of times with different dresses. These pair of heels adds perfection and sophistication and a touch of sexiness. You can wear them to any workplace or to a date night, or anywhere you like. You can pair it up with a formal shirt-pants, or informal jeans to go out with your girls, and you can pair it up with a cocktail dress. Pumps are trending in blacks and nudes.


Black leather platform heels            Nude stiletto heeled platform heels

Platform heels are the ones with a thick sole that gives support to your feet and makes you look more taller than usual pumps. These heels are comfortable to walk in and are usually worn by many women who don’t regularly wear heels and are not used to walk in heels. If heels are also new to you then you must go with these platform heels. If you are short in height then go for platform heels, these will make you feel comfortable as well as confident.


Golden High heeled wedge heels with ankle straps  Black high heeled wedge heels

Wedge Heels or Wedgies or Lifties are the heels with a sole in the form of a wedge, like a piece of rubber attached to both sole and the heel. These have a thick sole in the back heel than at the front to make them high heeled. These are a staple to many as they add support to the middle of the foot where usual heels don’t. These are perfect for those who feel uncomfortable wearing heels and still wants that look and sense of style. These can be worn for any occasion or for work with any pair of dress.


Nude clear blocked heel               Transparent clear block heels

Clear Block Heel are high heeled footwear made from transparent material. These heels are comfortable when are of good quality and are stylish and make you look sexy. These heels are trending and are basically a street style and give your outfit a glossy touch. These blocks help in supporting your feet and gives you a stylish and beautiful look. You can wear it up in any kinda dress and even in jeans and you are ready to flaunt.


Golden glittery ankle strapped stiletto pumps      High stiletto heeled crystal ankle strapped sandals

High Heels with ankle straps gives you hot, sexy and chic look. This look is effortless and trendy at the same time which can enhance your look. These straps are of two benefits; these give you support and do not come out of your feet that is good for new starters as well as give you hot and sexy look which can make you look confident and effortless. These heels can be paired up with any dress or outfit according to the occasion.


Heeled mules baked pink suede     Heeled-mules white and transparent

Mules are the type of footwear that has no back or constraints around the foot’s heels. Mules were initially invented as bedroom slippers and not worn outside in public, but then it changed in both style and purpose. Now mules are updated with heels and are worn out in public. These heeled-mules are available in various design and pattern which enhances our look and helps us look trendy and stylish. These mules are very comfortable and are usually short heeled or block heeled to give us comfort.


Brown Block heeled knee high boots        Black stiletto heeled ankle boots

Boots or booties were originally made from leather and were used by fisherman, workers, dairy workers, etc. to protect their feet from mud and water. Now, these boots have also updated and are made fashionable and are available in different patterns and designs. Knee high boots, thigh high boots and ankle length boots are all trendy and are worn by all women. Celebrities have taken boots to another level by pairing them up in different dresses and even in shorts. Heeled boots are highly recommended to all the ladies.


Nude peep toe stiletto heels       Black ankle strapped peep toe stiletto heels

Peep-toe is a footwear worn by women in which there is an opening at the toe-box which allows us to show toes. These are basically a stiletto or block heeled pumps which are cut open from the front to show your toes. These are available in different designs and are suitable to be worn for office purpose and even informal days or parties. They provide a subtle, chic and urbane look, many celebrities have flaunted these peep-toes with such a grace in various events. These peep toe heels are a staple and style statement and should be owned by every woman.

So, these were the 8 types of heels which are essentials to every woman’s closet and should be worn to enhance your look. Any of you have a confusion regarding the color and whether it will suit your all outfits or not. Heres a tip for you ladies, go for a black color as it gives you a profession and sophisticated look and chic look all at the same time depending upon your outfit. And you can also buy nudes, as nudes are trending and becoming a style statement. All these heels are available in nudes and can give you that perfect look you want. So, if you are not having these heels, its time for updating your closet. Go for it, you’ll love it.

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