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Latest Bottom Wear trends for women

Jeans, made of denim, are a form of bottom wear for casual wear, originated in India, now worn all over the world. But now many other trousers and skirts come into trends and fashion industry. Various kinds of bottom wears have been designed so far. Women are fascinated by clothes, hence clothing is being updated day to day. Here are the latest trends of bottom wears other than jeans for women.

  • Paper Bag Waist Pants

pants, stylish pants         Cigarette pants

Paper Bag Waist Pants are back in trend and I’ve been loving these. These pants are comfy and easy to sneak in. One should definitely try these pants, these are trending and are wearable on any top; either on a simple top or a stylish one and can enhance your look. Here we have a beautiful straight paper bag waist pant which is high waist and is in a beautiful sky blue color and in tanned color which is easy to go. These are a stylish piece of essentials for all wardrobes and this latest bottom wear is trending in fashion industry af.

  • Palazzo pants

high waist palazzos              black crop top with palazzos

Palazzo pants were in trends in late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Palazzo pants are popular as a summer season trend, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light; these are flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. These bottom wears were out of fashion in the early 21st century but are back in the fashion industry now. This trend that is always handy to have in your wardrobe. A comfy yet fashionable trend that is perfect for casual day or a day out with your girls.

  • Body Fit Leggings

Black bench pintuck leggings black bench pintuck leggings

Leggings are a skin tight garments worn to cover your legs and are worn by both sexes, youngsters and aged people. These are basically a casual wear made from Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, Lycra, Nylon but sometimes other materials are used such as Wool or Silk. These are fashion trending for not only workout but functions, parties and day to day wear. These bottom wears are associated with comfort and style. You can wear plain leggings for daily purpose or can wear sequenced legging with some stylish and trendy top or kurta for a traditional look or can wear leather lustrous legging with a casual loose tee for a girls outlook.

  • Culottes

sea green culottes, blue culottes                   grey culottes, grey pants

Culottes bottom wear is usually knee length or slightly longer in length. The term culottes refer as a split skirt. As most of us wore culottes as a replacement to the skirts in school, at first the word culottes was so uncool and felt like a school girl. But then I learned more about it and it’s a major style statement. And the best thing about culottes bottom wear is color-blocking and now I’m crushing about both culottes and color-blocking. Here we have blue culottes that look fab in a white crop top and can give you a beautiful party look and these grey culottes look great and can be styled with white or black cop top or can be color-blocked. So why not try this trendy bottom wear #YOLO…

  • Jogger Pants

sweat pants                Gigi hadid

Joggers are comfortable and casual without feeling restricting like leggings. Probably the simplest way to style jogger pants is with a casual tee or a cardigan and try wearing it with a casual pair of sneakers for adding comfort. You can also try to mix and match with crop tops or off shoulders or any other trending top and make it look less like pajamas. Here you can see these washed denim joggers look absolutely adorable in a white crop top and black spaghetti top. And Gigi Hadid looks flawless in white joggers and white crop top with a golden jacket cardigan. You should try these looks and be trendy with these bottom wears.

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