Striped clothing trends

Striped trending staples

Here’s one trend that’s stylish, wearable and trending, its stripes obviously. However, the trend isn’t new to the fashion industry. Striped was a thing in the 60’s and 70’s and striped trends keep coming back in fashion. Now its back with a retro look as well as a cool color-blocked look which are perfect this summer. And anyway, strips have this power that they won’t look bad, they can look cool, sophisticated, simple, funky, edgy, classic, chic, but never bad.

  • Striped Skirt

Black and white striped skirt            Black and white striped skirt

Striped skirt is kinda perfect for every occasion. These skirts are appropriate for office hours when you wanna look work ready or for happy hours when you want to grab a cute look or you wanna go out with your girlfriends and want a fancy look. Here we have stripped pencil skirt which looks great in the day to day purpose or a beach day or a having a lunch date or outing. And this knee-length striped skirt is perfect for parties or lil dinner or while fun time.

  • Striped Top

Red and white striped top

White and blue striped top

Striped tees and tunics have been summer staples. Striped tops have been a style statement doesn’t mean you can not wear them in regular days as casual wear. Striped casual tees are as comfortable as they are stylish. Here also I show you these two casual wear tops, which are perfect for wearing on daily basis as well as on some party type mood. This red and white striped off-the-shoulder top looks fab for a lil outing and is comfy as well, while the other white and the navy blue striped top is cute as well as gives an office kinda look.

  • Striped Culottes

Black and white culottes or palazzo

White and tan colored culottes

Striped culottes bottom wear is one of my favorite trends that are happening in fashion right now. These culottes go with a crop top and other tees tucked in. These can give a flattering look when are in striped print. You can wear black and white culottes for a casual and official look, like the picture above. Or can wear culottes in different colors to give a classy and party-ready look, like in the second pic she’s wearing white and tan colored culottes and paired it with heels for a fab look.

  • Striped Rompers and Jumpsuits

Black and white romper and jumpsuit

white multicolored jumpsuit

Striped rompers and jumpsuit have been in trend for a while and I can’t see them going outdated any sooner. These stripes help you look classy and chic without efforts. These rompers and jumpsuit look fabulous with layering too, either you can layer it with a blazer or a cardigan. Here we have black and white romper which make you look beautiful and chic and in next pic, we have a white multi-colored jumpsuit which has a beauty in itself.

  • Striped color blocking

color blocked striped dress

Striped multi color blocking dress

There are many trends that come and go, but few are there that stand in time. Color blocking is one of them, it combines contrasting colors which stand opposite to one another on the color wheel. And adding stripes to color blocking can enhance the look a way lot better. Here in the first picture, we have a stripe and color block dress by Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger which looks trendy, casual, comfortable and fabulous all at the same time. In the next pic, we have a beautiful long maxi dress with stripes and multicolor blocking.


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