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Stylish Tops Designs for Girls Collection 2018

Fashion is all about comfort no matter how you wanna look, pretty sexy, gorgeous, stylish or adorable. It should not depend upon the length of your clothes. So more skin, less skin, no skin it’s totally up to you. The first thing you need is stylish tops. So here are the stylish tops designs for every girl’s collection which are trending, comfortable, adorable and stylish.


  • Crop Top

Green Crop Top

Crop tops are gaining prominence in the fashion industry. So you embrace your inner rocker by wearing a crop top and be stylish. You can pair a crop top with anything like jeans, shorts, mini skirt, maxi skirt, palazzo, etc., it will give you the perfect look you wish to have.

  • Choker Top

Black Choker Top

Choker tops are everywhere now, I personally love the choker top trend. These are the tops where the top edge of the garment is layered with a piece of cloth like a collar. Here we have a black choker top looking really gorgeous on this model paired with a skin colored pants. You can also sum it up with any other pair of pants or skirts.

  • Color-blocked Top

white and black color block top

Next, we have here is color-blocked top. A color-blocked top is a thought of exploring colors that are opposite on the color wheel and pairing them together to make fascinating color combinations. It can also be done with three or more colors, and it’s okay if the colors are not totally opposite to each other like orange, pink and purple together.

  • Off-Shoulder Top

Mehroon Off-Shoulder Top

Off shoulder tops trending since the mid-1800s and need to be understood clearly. Shoulders are almost always looking good and suit all body type. An off-shoulder top is suitable for semi-formal gatherings or for a casual date or on a concert or food festival. You just need to find a perfect off shoulder top for the event and a perfect pair of jeans and a skirt and you look stylish and are good to go.

  • Cold Shoulder Top

Navy blue high neck cold shoulder top

I am literally obsessed with cold-shoulder tops. I’ve always loved showing a bit of shoulder but the only reason I can think of as to why I now wear them on almost a daily basis is that it feels better to be able to show a bit of skin. A cold shoulder can be worn on a daily basis or occasionally depending upon the material. It is one of the stylish tops in any girls collection.

  • Peplum Top

White Peplum Top

Peplum is a short, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s top. A peplum top can redefine your natural body shape into the ideal hourglass shape. It is a perfect top if you have a full hip or no hip or a thick waistline, it solves all the problem by giving an illusion of a perfect body. This is also one of the best of its kind and one of the most stylish tops available with no skin exposing.

  • Ruffle Top

White chambray long sleeved ruffle top

A ruffle is basically a strip of fabric or lace tightly gathered or pleated and applied to a blouse top or any top. The ruffles tops are now trending at full speed, especially a certain type of ruffle top; the white ruffle top with blue stripes. Ruffled top is the most stylish key trend in 2018.

  • Pleated Top

Grey Pleated top

The pleated top is one which is ironed or heat set into the sharp crease. These tops are trending and anyone can wear them from a shy girl to a hot chic. Anyone can look fabulous after wearing these plain pleated tops. Gorgeous yet comfortable are the words that can explain this stylish top design.

  • Bell Sleeved Top

Black lace bell sleeved top

Can sleeves make a statement all on their own? Yes, you heard me right.! Bell sleeved top are the ones which are unique because of its sleeves. These are a style statement and are trending in 2018.

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