Things that make me happy

Things That Make Me Happy

  • Mornings first stretch
  • Puppies cuddle

Puppies Cuddle make me happy

  • A cold bath after a long day
  • Morning Tea/Coffee
  • Meeting Friends

Meeting friends gif make me happy

  • Flowers
  • My Boyfriend waiting outside my house
  • Golgappa competition (Indian Snack)
  • Kitties meowing
  • Calling Mom after reaching home
  • Cooking on the Weekends
  • Hearing kids laugh

laughing baby makes me happy

  • Birds chirping in the Morning
  • Long drive and Pleasant weather
  • Trip plans with the loved ones
  • My gym day
  • Teasing my brother
  • Rain Dance

Rain dance makes me so happy

  • Good Hair day
  • A movie, Popcorn, and Coke
  • Holding Infant’s feet and hands
  • Ice-cream
  • That smile on my boyfriends face after he sees me

Boyfriends smile though

  • My Dad’s sticky notes
  • Music
  • Popping Bubble Wrap
  • Ordering Pizza for a Family reunion
  • Trying a New Recipe
  • Bargaining and getting Things at our Price
  • Swinging in the swings
  • Small acts of kindness
  • Finding Money in my Pocket
  • Laughing so hard till you cry

Lmao makes me happy laughing out loud

  • Chocolate melting in my Mouth
  • Sitting Idle with lights off
  • That Friday feeling
  • Superhero Movies
  • Rainbow
  • Hill Station
  • Wearing Loose T-shirt after a long day
  • Bathroom Singing

Singing in bathroom

  • Receiving Parcel when you order something
  • Cartoon after a rough day with your mains
  • 100% battery on your phone
  • Long walks on the beach
  • New Lipstick
  • Appraisal from your head
  • Hitting Snooze
  • Dressing Up for Special Occasions
  • Snapchat filters and making stupid faces with bffs

Making stupid faces with bffs

  • Decorated Christmas Trees
  • Sitting on the back of his Bike
  • Just lying on the Bed and Falling Asleep after a Rough day
  • Clean Laundry
  • Speedy Wifi Network
  • Roadside Snacks
  • Birthdays
  • Freshly Waxed skin
  • Group Messages
  • Online shopping


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