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Types of bags for Women

Bags were initially made to carry important things while traveling either nearby or far away. But after the 20th century, these bags were improved and presented as the style statement for women and came in different size and pattern. Women now are so obsessed with handbags and purses. You must choose the bags according to your lifestyle as your bags indicates about your sense of style and about your likes and preferences. You should carry different bags according to the different occasion. So here I am with different types of bags to help you find your ideal bags according to your preferences.

  • Tote Bags

White Tote hand bags



The term Tote means to carry however, the term was not used to describe bags until 1900. These bags are rectangular in shape and have parallel handles and a large wide bottom. These bags are usually open at the top, sometimes might be zipped up. These bags are usually larger than the other regular bags. These bags are also known as shoppers as women carry these bags while shopping because of its large size and capacity to carry more things.

  • Backpacks

Pink leather backpacks Grey backpacks

Backpacks are bags worn on the back. These bags earlier came in the formal pattern and worn by school students and big bags were worn by hikers. But now backpacks started coming in a trendy and classy pattern and are worn by college girls and older girls. These bags are a way more comfortable than backpacks as you don’t need to carry a bag in your hand. These bags are also recommended for girls searching for cute and comfortable bags.

  • Bucket Bags


Pink leather Bucket Handbags


Just as the name suggests Bucket Bags are roughly cylindrical shape just like a bucket. These bags do not have a zipper and are usually open from the top and have a drawstring closure and have a shoulder strap to carry the bag. These type of bags are very roomy and are usually used by college going girls for informal purposes. These bags are highly recommended and are my personal favorite.

  • Sling Bags

Cross body bag

Sling bag also known as Crossbody bags are a small or medium size bags which can be worn crossbody or on one shoulder or its chain or strap can be detached and can be carried like a clutch. These bags are really very popular among girls of all age group for any occasion. These bags are smaller than the others but are the first choice of all. Slings bags are versatile and are preferred by most women.

  • Clutch Bags

Pink Floral Clutch Bag

Check out this Floral Applique Clutch Bag

Clutch bags are small bags with no straps or detachable straps. These are available in different pattern and shapes and different texture depending upon the different occasion. Normal clutches are carried on regular days and stylish and embellished clutches are good for parties, functions or a date night. Women prefer these clutches to carry small belongings like money, cards, phones and small cosmetic like lipstick.

  • Minaudiere Bag

Crystal Minaudiere

Minaudiere Bag is a hard-bodied evening bag usually made of crystal and beads and pearl. These are not just a carry bag but are a style statement and a fashion accessory. If you are going to a party and don’t wanna carry much go for a Minaudiere bag. These bags are preferred by many women of all ages. These bags steal the hearts of everyone at the first site because of such a classy look. These bags are definitely one of my favorites. These are the bags trending and every woman should have one.

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