Types of Footwears

It’s hard to imagine life without footwear. It started with real need and now turned into new trends and fashion industry. Footwears have been modified since evolution. Change in footwears helped people and made them feel comfortable and look better than they use to.

  • Stiletto heels

Stilettos Heels

Stilettos give the optical illusion of a longer, slimmer leg and greater height. These footwears are long, thin, high heel found on shoes, usually for women. These heels can work for daytime casual as well as date night. You can either sum it up with jeans or skirts or any other dress. Stilettos are perfect for official use as well as occasions. You can bring a funky edge to an outfit that you usually paired with sneakers, by wearing stilettos.

  • Sneaker shoes

Sneakers Shoes

Sneakers were primarily designed for sports or other physical exercises. Now are often used for everyday wear. It is made up of rubber or synthetic material, which is usually comfortable and provides great support for the feet. The best fashion trends are those walking around in sneaker footwears. Being sexy counts for nothing when you can be, both, sexy and sporty. Summer outfits are all in soft and comfy dresses, shorts and skirts.

  • Boots

Boots outfits

Boots in any outfit, regardless of what you’re wearing, can make it look effortless. So if you want a smart sophisticated glam look, go for ankle boots in black, for a super sleek style, or funky colors for more chicness. They look amazing with slit skirts or another skirt and a casual t-shirt. You can also do some tricks by wearing these footwears in jeans or shorts or other dresses.

  • Flat sandals

Flats Sandals

These days its more fashion-forward to pair flat footwears with different dressed, skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, etc. pairing flat sandals with a midi dress looks fantastic. You may also wear flats in jeans and leggings for daily purpose. Flats are also available in different styles according to different preferences and comfort is part of modern fashion.

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